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Cobra Museum Workshops

Cobra Museum is offering tailormade workshops for children, families and adults on request


NEW! workshop “My Paint Tube is a Rocket”

In this workshop, young people learn about the art of Karel Appel, music and the connection between painting and music. Furthermore, the students learn to ‘paint with sounds’, as Appel summarized it in 1961. Appel’s works seem to ’emerge’, comparable with sessions of Jazz musicians who play ‘in the moment’. The students learn to paint spontaneously on their own brought music, which inspires them to paint sounds.

Practical information:

Costs: € 12.50 per student, including all materials, excluding € 5,55 entrance fee (free for Museum card holders)

Group: a minimum of 10, a maximum of 20 participants per workshop teacher

Karel Appel, Musique Barbare

CoBrA workshops for adults upon request

Participants become familiar with CoBrA artists like Karel Appel and Asger Jorn, and other modern artists such as Jean Dubuffet. Be inspired by works of art in the Cobra Museum’s permanent collection. The artists of the CoBrA movement were guided by the material with which they worked, by the spontaneity and unpredictability of it. This is how we will also work in this workshop. What story or theme does a particular work of art tell you? The ultimate result will be a personal work of art!

You can choose from the following workshops:

  • Experimental painting. Don’t think, do!
  • Clay Masters. Lose yourself in clay and sculpt your way to an object!

Practical information

These workshops are only upon request.

Cost: €25- per participant, including all materials, excluding entrance fee (free for Museum Card holders)

Group: minimum 10, maximum 20 participants

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Send requests to or call Nina: 020 5475031.

Your birthday party at Atelier CoBrA!

For children, the Cobra Museum organizes fun, creative parties! During a birthday workshop at the Cobra Museum, the children start working as a real artist. And of course we work in the spirit of CoBrA: spontaneous and experimental. They can tamper and are encouraged to color outside the lines.

Beforehand, the birthday party can choose between making a painting assignment (with acrylic paint on a real canvas) or a spatial workpiece with all sorts of exciting materials. In the museum, a few CoBrA works of art are first viewed and discussed. After that, the children go to work themselves. When the workpieces are finished, they are discussed in the group. Of course, the artworks can go home afterwards.

Age: 6 to 12 years.
Participation: a maximum of ten children.
Duration workshop: ninety minutes. Cost: € 200, – (including admission, materials and a drink).
We appreciate it if parents remain available during the workshop. During the workshop they can then visit the exhibitions or stay in the Museum Café. It is also possible to order a birthday cake in the café afterwards.

Want more information about our workshops or book a workshop?

Please contact our coordinator for tours & activities.
Tel .: 020-5475031

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