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New Founders Club

The New Founders are BPD (originator), Dura Vermeer and Trebbe Groep B.V.

The New Founders set itself the goal to support the museum financially and, where necessary, provide advice for achieving growth plans. The museum’s ambition is to be anchored permanently in the years ahead at the top of the leading art museums in our country. This will be achieved with a quality exhibition policy, stepping up marketing and obtaining sponsorship and tailored services for various visitor target groups and education.

The New Founders meet several times a year to be informed by the museum on the progress and to provide informal suggestions and advice where needed.
We also involve all New Founders in exclusive openings and official receptions, and we sometimes mediate in the establishment of an annual New Founders study trip and with receptions in major foreign museums.


The current New Founders are BPD, formerly Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling (originator), Dura Vermeer and Trebbe Groep B.V.

The Cobra Museum offers businesses a range of collaborative opportunities. Besides the New Founders Club, there are also the Business Club, the Cobra Entrepreneurs, the Cobra Global and various sponsorship opportunities on a project basis. What binds all of our partners is a love for the museum and the realisation that the museum is a special partner for relationship management, receptions and inspiration.


If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Bert Mennings.

Tel.: 020 5475039
E-mail: b.mennings@cobra-museum.nl

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