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Donate to the Museum

You can make a financial contribution or endow a CoBrA art piece to us.

Gifts and endowments

The Cobra Museum has been home to the legacy of the Cobra movement since 1995. The museum in Amstelveen is the place where Cobra’s spirit is kept alive. Our exhibitions each show new aspects of the Cobra artists and their sources of inspiration. In this way, the museum cultivates the finest Cobra collection in the world.

You can help with this by endowing your CoBrA work to us or by making a financial contribution, for example in the form of a periodic donation. A periodic donation that you set up with a notary for at least 5 years provides an attractive tax benefit. For more information about periodic donations, please contact Bert Mennings at the Cobra Museum.

CBF (Central Bureau on Fundraising) certification

The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen was awarded the CBF certification in the spring of 2005. A copy of the financial statements can be requested from our executive secretary Monique Crone (m.crone@cobra-museum.nl).

The Cobra Museum has an ANBI status.


Bert Mennings
Tel.: 020 5475039
E-mail: b.mennings@cobra-museum.nl

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