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Cobra Business Club

A network of companies affiliated with the Cobra Museum

The Cobra Business Club is a network of companies that have become affiliated with the Cobra Museum for an extended period of time. Firstly, the club provides a good platform to get together several times a year. Our members are leading companies from the metropole region of Amsterdam. The Business Club has an independent board and, together with the Cobra Museum, takes care of financial incentives for the exhibition programming.

There is an annual participation fee of €3,000, excl. VAT, for membership in the Cobra Business Club. Member meetings are held four times a year, in which there is extensive opportunity to network with peers along with addressing a substantive subject. Members are welcome to bring a guest to each meeting.The Cobra Business Club offers a special reciprocal package. If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Denise van der Schaft

T 020 5475037


Hoorne Real Estate, a transparent and driven family business

Hoorne Real Estate has since 2009 been housed in a restored farmhouse in Uitgeest. A place that tells a lot about who Hoorne Vastgoed is: a transparent and accessible family business with entrepreneurial spirit, guts and “family feeling” in their DNA. The family culture in the company manifests itself by name through the short decision lines and the loyalty and commitment of the employees; to the company, but also to the family. Creating social added value, that is what Hoorne Vastgoed stands for as a multidisciplinary real estate developer and investor.  The mission of Hoorne is to build better shopping, housing and living.

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In focus: Altera Vastgoed

Altera Vastgoed offers institutional investors access to core real estate investments in homes and shops. The portfolios consist of high-quality and sustainable real estate with effective return expectations. Altera has approximately € 2.6 billion under management, does not use debt capital and has a low cost level.

The purpose of Altera is – based on a pure core strategy and with high-quality, sustainable and future-proof real estate – to offer institutional investors a stable and sustainable return that, for now and in the future, is in line with the investment objectives and principles of institutional investors, who pursue long-term sustainable returns.

The organizational structure is determined by the sectoral character of Altera Vastgoed. The management organization of Altera Vastgoed is integrated in the company and is not included in a separate legal entity. This is a great advantage for Altera and its shareholders, as it always operates in the interest of the customers and does not create divergent strategic drivers of conflicts of interest, such as assumed housing mandates, separate accounts, profit target manager of other risk holding company increasing drivers.

Altera Vastgoed was founded in 2000 by merging two direct real estate portfolios of the pension fund Hoogovens and the KLM pension funds. Since 2000, the number of shareholders has steadily increased to more than 50 today.

The Cobra Museum offers businesses a range of collaborative opportunities. Besides the Cobra Business Club, there are also the New Founders, the Cobra Entrepreneurs, Cobra Global and various sponsorship opportunities on a project basis. What binds all of our partners is a love for the museum and the realisation that the museum is a special partner for relationship management, receptions and inspiration.


If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Denise van der Schaft

T 020 5475039

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