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Te zien vanaf 12 juli: Nieuwe Nuances in het Cobra Museum voor Moderne kunst. #cobramuseum #amstelveen #womeninart pic.twitter.com/3LQCYayZGg

On display from July 12 in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. "New Nuances, female artists in and around Cobra". Inclu… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Cobra Business Club

A network of companies affiliated with the Cobra Museum

The Cobra Business Club is a network of companies that have become affiliated with the Cobra Museum for an extended period of time. Firstly, the club provides a good platform to get together several times a year. Our members are leading companies from the metropole region of Amsterdam. The Business Club has an independent board and, together with the Cobra Museum, takes care of financial incentives for the exhibition programming.

There is an annual participation fee of €3,000, excl. VAT, for membership in the Cobra Business Club. Member meetings are held four times a year, in which there is extensive opportunity to network with peers along with addressing a substantive subject. Members are welcome to bring a guest to each meeting.The Cobra Business Club offers a special reciprocal package. If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Bert Mennings.

T 020 5475039


The Cobra Museum welcomes a new member of our Business Club: HermanDeGroot Engineers and Real Estate Strategists

HermanDeGroot Engineers and Real Estate Strategists, based in Amersfoort, has been around for 25 years and provides sustainable high-tech solutions, strategy and policy in the area of ​​real estate and area development. HermanDeGroot has two divisions: Technology and Real Estate Strategy. In addition to coming up with integrated solutions in these areas, HermanDeGroot is an expert in managing, coordinating, tuning and optimizing projects and processes.

As an independent consultant, we are therefore deployed as a delegated client, process manager and project manager.

HermanDeGroot has a subsidiary: Larderel Energy. The vision of Larderel Energy is the generation of renewable electricity by means of heat from the earth.

More information can be found here on the website


New member of the Business Club: de Groot Douma Vosmeijer Advocaten

dGDV Advocaten in Amstelveen, lawyers with a variety of specialties.

dGDV Advocaten specializes in legal services for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. The office carries out interests in the areas of civil and family law, inheritance law, labor law, tenancy, immovable property, corporate and business law, building law, injury, insurance and liability, debt collection and contracts.




De Vos & Partners Advocaten new member business club Cobra Museum

 ‘We feel rich, with our office so close to Museumplein. Art everywhere. That’s what we like.’ Thus Els Doornhein and Freek Snippers. It is with great pleasure that they have become members of the business club of the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. You will therefore meet them regularly at the Cobra Museum. De Vos & Partners is an office that works for major brands but also for startups: everyone feels at home. De Vos & Partners like to work forthe  creative entrepreneurs within their sector. For more than two decades they have been strong partners for renowned clients in trade and industry, the entertainment, arts and cultural sector, small businesses, the travel industry, real estate, the sports sector and business services. www.devos.nl

Els Doornhein en Freek Snippers

The Cobra Museum offers businesses a range of collaborative opportunities. Besides the Cobra Business Club, there are also the New Founders, the Cobra Entrepreneurs, Cobra Global and various sponsorship opportunities on a project basis. What binds all of our partners is a love for the museum and the realisation that the museum is a special partner for relationship management, receptions and inspiration.


If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Bert Mennings.

T 020 5475039

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