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Cobra Business Club

A network of companies affiliated with the Cobra Museum

The Cobra Business Club is a network of companies that have become affiliated with the Cobra Museum for an extended period of time. Firstly, the club provides a good platform to get together several times a year. Our members are leading companies from the metropole region of Amsterdam. The Business Club has an independent board and, together with the Cobra Museum, takes care of financial incentives for the exhibition programming.

There is an annual participation fee of €3,000, excl. VAT, for membership in the Cobra Business Club. Member meetings are held four times a year, in which there is extensive opportunity to network with peers along with addressing a substantive subject. Members are welcome to bring a guest to each meeting.The Cobra Business Club offers a special reciprocal package. If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Denise van der Schaft

T 020 5475037


In focus: HermanDeGroot Ingenieurs

HermanDeGroot Ingenieurs has been supplying high-quality technological solutions and strategy in the field of future-proof real estate and environmental development for the last 25 years. Since its foundation, sustainability has been at the centre of everything they do. As a concrete example, they have developed a solution for the energy transition together with universities and colleges: Ultra-Deep Geothermal Energy (UDG). In addition, heat that occurs naturally at a depth of 4 to 7 km in the earth, is used to generate CO2-free electricity, hot and cold. Sustainability is a precondition: not only for the comfort of use and the future-proofs of the real estate, but for the entire planet.


Masdar City in Abu Dhabi will become the first CO2 neutrale city in the world.

Van Poelgeest BMW-MINI Amstelveen new member of the Cobra Museum businessclub

The well-known Amstelveen BMW-Mini dealer Van Poelgeest has become a member of the Cobra Museum Businessclub. With branches in Amersfoort, Amstelveen, Heemstede, Hilversum, Naarden and Noordwijk, Van Poelgeest is the exclusive BMW and MINI dealer in the Randstad. The organization has more than 250 driven employees who work on the satisfaction of their customers in an open, informal atmosphere. Everything reflects the quality of the brands. This is how Van Poelgeest works on sustainable relationships with customers. Already since 1964. Van Poelgeest and the Cobra Museum will be organizing wonderful moments with those customers in the near future!

You can find more information on the website https://www.van-poelgeest.nl/

A Van Poelgeest car infront of the construction of a complete new showroom in Amstelveen at the A9 highway

The Cobra Museum offers businesses a range of collaborative opportunities. Besides the Cobra Business Club, there are also the New Founders, the Cobra Entrepreneurs, Cobra Global and various sponsorship opportunities on a project basis. What binds all of our partners is a love for the museum and the realisation that the museum is a special partner for relationship management, receptions and inspiration.


If you would like more information about the boundless opportunities of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, send an e-mail or call Denise van der Schaft

T 020 5475039
E d.vanderschaft@cobra-museum.nl

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