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BankGiro Lottery

The BankGiro Lottery is the cultural lottery of the Netherlands

Foto: Roy Beusker

The BankGiro Lottery: partner of cultural Netherlands

The BankGiro Lottery is the cultural lottery of the Netherlands. Many, more then a half million, Dutch people take part. They have a chance to win prizes and support all forms of culture in the Netherlands, from windmills to concerts and from festivals to museums. Thanks to its 2016 participant contribution, the BankGiro Lottery was able to contribute almost 67 million euros to culture in the Netherlands.

For the full overview of BankGiro Lottery grants to cultural institutions, visit the BankGiro Lottery website.

The BankGiro Lottery has been a partner of the Cobra Museum for years and has recently decided to continue the long-term collaboration with the museum for another five years.

The Cobra Museum is free with a BankGiro Lottery VIP Card!

As a participant of the BankGiro Lottery you win and experience more! The BankGiro Lottery VIP PASS gives you free access to dozens of museums, discounts on special nights out and you have a chance to attend exclusive events. You can visit the Cobra Museum for free with the BankGiro Lottery VIP CARD. Ask for the card and enjoy all this beauty for yourself!

BankGiro Lottery players provide €244,424 to the Cobra Museum

At the Goed Geld Gala 2015 €244,424 was granted to the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. This money was raised thanks to the participants of the BankGiro Lottery. A total of 66 cultural organisations received a contribution. This involves both fixed annual contributions and one-time gifts.

It was also disclosed that cultural organisations themselves have raised over 3 million euros with the help of ‘specially designated recruits’. With this, the museum encourages visitors to play the BankGiro Lottery specifically for their museum. The 2015 amount for the Cobra Museum was €244,424.

For the full overview of BankGiro Lottery grants to cultural institutions, visit the BankGiro Lottery website.

Fascinating afternoon in the Cobra Museum for BGL participants

On Sunday, 8 February, around 30 specially designated participants experienced an all-inclusive afternoon at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. After the reception with coffee and tea, the museum’s management shared its future plans with the participants. The curator talked about the special CoBrA art collection that the museum could purchase thanks in part to the support of the BankGiro Lottery participants. A good example of this is the styrofoam man by Karel Appel. The work comes from the renowned collection of Piet and Ida Sanders, who received it in 1967 as a gift from Karel Appel himself. The styrofoam that serves as a carrier for the paint came from a drill box.

Special preview at Miró for BankGiro Lottery players

Exclusive reception for BankGiro Lottery participants at the Miró & CoBrA exhibition on 7 October with a personal tour by Mr. Juan Punyet Miró, the grandson of Joan Miró.

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