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Niet alleen in Assen is Frida's werk te bewonderen in 2021, ook bij ons in Amstelveen. Een Frida-topjaar in Nederla……

De @amsterdampride week is van start gegaan. @SALTOamsterdam toont een prachtige video over de tentoonstelling Be……

Serge Vandercam

Copenhagen -

Copenhagen 1924, Waver 2005

Serge Vandercam was born in Copenhagen on ther 31st of March, 1924. He worked as a painter and photographer. Vandercam, who has a Belgian nationality, became in 1948 a member of CoBrA. During the CoBrA period he was mainly active as a photographer and it is with his photographic qualifactions that he was involved with the CoBrA movement. Vandercam worked in the Ateliers du Marais, exhibited in CoBrA circles such as in Liege in 1951, and worked regularly with Christian Dotremont (1922-1979). In the 50’s he began abstract expressionistic painting and made some films. He also devoted himself to ceramics and sculpture. As from 1960, his works had been exhibited several times at solo exhibitions.

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