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Tussen Kunst & Kitsch van AVROTROS at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art! #cobramuseum #museumofmodernart #museum……

RT @PaolavandeVelde: Claude Cahun in @cobramuseum Op zoek naar de derde sekse via @telegraaf


Geraardsbergen -

Geraardsbergen 1928, Parijs 2007

Reinhoud was born as Reinhoud d’Haese in Geraardsbergen on the 21st of October, 1928. He was a sculptor. Reinhoud was initially trained as a goldsmith. From 1947 to 1951 he studied at the École d’architecture et des arts Décoratifs in Brussels. In 1949 he contributed to the renovation of the Ateliers du Marais and was one of the first people who resided there. There he made his first works in metal. Through the Ateliers (studios) he became involved with CoBrA. Four of his works were able to be seen at the exhibition in Liege in 1941. It was only in 1958, long after the disintegration of the movement, that he made significant progress with his own works. Since then he has produced with various types of metal, but also on a minor scale with bread*(brood in NL vertaling??), an entire group of humorous and mysterious mythical creatures that wholly fit within the style of CoBrA. The works of Reinhoud were regularly exhibited in the Lefebre Gallery in New York, Galerie Birch in Copenhagen, but also in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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