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Karl Otto Götz

Aachen -

Aachen 1914, ? 200?

Karl Otto Götz was born in Aachen on February the 22nd in 1914. He worked as a painter. Götz took classes from 1931 to 1934 at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Aachen. In 1933 he painted his first abstract compositions. In the years 1935-1945 he made abstract films and he compiled photo montages together under the influence of Viking Eggeling (1880-1925). Between 1948 and 1953 he published a tiny magazine about modern art under the pseudonym André Tamm, called Metamorphosis, which was later shortened to Meta. He came into contact with CoBrA through William Gear (1915-1997).Götz formed a bridge between CoBrA and the German artists; his intervention ensured the presence of five German artists at the exhibition in Amsterdam in 1949, and for the exhibition in Liege, he was responsible for the contacts aswell. There isn’t much that can be discerned from the relationship between the works of Götz and that of CoBrA. On the one hand he engaged in his mono printing process with tinted surrealistic experiments, on the other hand he made in oilpaint and woodcuts a series of compositions with smooth abstract shapes along the lines of the work of Hans Arp (1886-1966). During the 50’s, he developed an abstract paintingstyle that seemed abstract and expressionistic, but somewhat cool and mechanical. Götz has exhibited several timesover the years, mainly in Germany. Next to that he also published books on art and related themes. His memoirs were published in 1983.

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