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Luister en kijk mee met #blaudzun over Polke vs. Blaudzun vimeo.com/385257400

RT @muziekverteller: Luister & kijktip: Polke vs Blauzun t/m 05 04 2020 Cobra Museum Sceptisch ging ik naar Polke vs Blaudzun. Geluid bij…

Ernest Mancoba

Johannesburg -

Johannesburg 1910, Clamart 2002

Ernest Mancoba was born as Ernest Methuen Mancoba on the 29th of August, 1904 in Johannesburg. He was an active painter and sculptor who got married in 1940 with Sonja Ferlov (1911-1985). He became a member of Høst (1942-1949) in 1949 and as a Høst member he had an association with CoBrA. According to his correspondence he received an invitation to take part in the Amsterdam exhibition in 1949, but unfortunately none of his artworks were present. His artworks were shown in 1969 at various exhibitions in Denmark and in 1977 retrospective exhibitions were held as well.

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