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Niet alleen in Assen is Frida's werk te bewonderen in 2021, ook bij ons in Amstelveen. Een Frida-topjaar in Nederla……

De @amsterdampride week is van start gegaan. @SALTOamsterdam toont een prachtige video over de tentoonstelling Be……

23 Aug 2020 - 27 Sep 2020

Wave of Breath

Wave of Breath invites you inside the world of inspiration behind the artist Margot Berkman, known for her sculpture installation ‘Whispering Seaweed’ on Amstelveen’s Keizer Karel square. A wave of works in different media, ranging from sketch and drawing to textiles, including two larger installations.

A unique part of this particular installation is the soundscape, especially created for this occasion by the New York Grammy Award winning musician Will Calhoun (Living Color).

The primary students from local schools pay tribute to the sea in their own unique way and honor the sea as the source to that allows us to breathe, thus making life possible. 

Curator: Katja Rodenburg

Image above: Atelier Margot Berkman. (2020). Margot Berkman in de bronsgieterij met Whispering Seaweed voor Amstelveen. 

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