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Visit the Cobra Museum by bicycle!

Do you like art and are you willing to visit an exciting art museum in Amsterdam’s largest suburb? Jump on your rent-a-bike and cycle to the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. You can download here a cultural tour on a PDF. From july on a digital tour will be available.

The Cobra Museum in Amstelveen is an Art museum for modern and contemporary Art. In addition to the collection consisting of works by the renowned Cobra art movement (see here for more information), we also display continous temporary exhibitions. This summer we focus on eight female artists in and around Cobra. Artists from Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands. 

Okay, jump on your bike, go and discover!

Eugene Brands, de fijne fietstocht (The nice bicycle ride) 1966

The short route

You can of course take the shortest route. In that case cycle to the Amsterdam Olympic stadium and from there always straight on towards Amstelveen. Then you will be there within 20/30 minutes. You’ll see the Museum on the left side near the Amstelveen city center. Adress: Sandbergplein 1 Amstelveen

But you can also spoil yourself and make a small detour through the Amsterdam forest or via the river Amstel. We have added the entire route for you.

In combination with your smartphone routemap the short and the long route should be easy.


The Marathontower of the Olympic stadium from 1928

‘The grand route’: Via the Amsterdam forest and back via the river Amstel 

There are beautiful bike paths in the Amsterdam forest and you can have a nice rest or lunch on the way on the many benches with a view at the nature. This ‘nature was ‘men maid in the 1920s as a large-scale job creation project. The Olympic rowing course from 1928 runs right through the forest and is still used today. The forest is officially on Amstelveen territory,so  if you come out on the south side then you are almost in the middle of Amstelveen. From there it is 5 to 10 minutes to the Cobra Museum.

Download here the detailed bicycle tour.

(or of course the other way around)

You can also cycle along the famous river Amstel, the name giver of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. You then have to start from, for example, the national opera house or the Amstel Hotel. Just follow the river southwards. Make sure you cross the river at the Berlage bridge towards the cityside (you are now close to the birthhouse of Anne Frank) and then you just follow the bend of the Amstel to the south . Along the way you will pass numerous country houses from the golden age and later. Rembrandt made a number of famous etchings here. After you have passed the sculpture of Rembrandt at the windmill, turn right at the authentic cafe ‘Het Kalfje’ in the direction of Amstelveen, straight through the golf course between the 9th and 10th hole!

See the detailed routemap for the exact route. If you get lost, just call us at (0)20 5475050

If you drive electric you can recharge your bicycle at the museum!

If you drive electric you can recharge your bicycle at the museum!

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