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Luister en kijk mee met #blaudzun over Polke vs. Blaudzun vimeo.com/385257400

RT @muziekverteller: Luister & kijktip: Polke vs Blauzun t/m 05 04 2020 Cobra Museum Sceptisch ging ik naar Polke vs Blaudzun. Geluid bij…

20 Aug 2017

Summer Sunday Workshops: EXPERMATERIAL!

The Cobra Museum is organising Sunday Summer workshops over the entire summer holiday. They will be held in our beautiful Atelier CoBrA and offer space for up to 15 children between the ages of 6 and 12. 

On july 30 and august 20 the workshop EXPERIMATERIAL will be held. Only a few places are still available. Book now

The artist Navid Nuur shows a number of material experiments in the Cobra Museum in which he even uses dinosaur excrement and palm tree ash! In Experimaterial, participants will dress like scientists in lab coats and carry out chemical tests on materials. This is done in a fun, playful and inquisitive way that leaves plenty of room for chance. The process is therefore as important as the outcome.

A view on all our summer workshops.


Sunday 30 july 14.30 pm -16.30 pm

Sunday 20 august 14.30 pm -16.30 pm

Cost €12 (excl. entrance fee).

Rabobank cardholders do not pay a museum entrance fee for these workshops!

The Summerworkshops were established thanks to Rabobank Amstel and Vecht.

Book your Workshop here

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