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Today marks the first day of the annual Queer History Month! It is the first time that this takes place in the Net……

Masterpieces on Tour with the Museum Plus Bus

Due to the corona crisis, many vulnerable elderly people can no longer go to the museum. That is why the Museum Plus Bus has initiated ‘Masterpieces on Tour’ on 6 October; fourteen replicas of masterpieces from Dutch museums travel to various nursing homes. One of the masterpieces that is on tour comes from the collection of the Cobra Museum: Femmes, enfants, animaux by Karel Appel.

Exhibition on location
Fifty residential care centres can have an exhibition on loan for two weeks between October 2020 and March 2021. During the exhibition period, a museum lecturer will also come to the location to give an inspiring lecture on the exhibition (in compliance with RIVM measures). Furthermore, each institution receives a package, consisting of magazines that go with Masterpieces on Tour and a poster to announce the upcoming exhibition and the museum lecturer. Masterpieces on Tour  can be offered free of charge thanks to the support of the BankGiro Lottery.

The first exhibition has opened on 5 October 2020. When the masterpieces have been in a location for a period of two weeks, they are picked up again and cleaned before being loaned to a new group. In this way, the Museum Plus Bus wants to delight around fifty groups with a cultural event up to and including March 2021! Healthcare institutions that would like to participate in this initiative can contact Museum Plus Bus via their website.

Photographer: Milagro Elstak

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