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04 Jan 2021 - 07 Jan 2021

Masterclass Claude Cahun (closed event)

From 4 until 7 January 2021, the Cobra Museum is welcoming students from the fashion department at the Rietveld Academy and students from the master Gender Studies at the University of Utrecht to partake in a four-day masterclass around artist Claude Cahun at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. The masterclass will be led and moderated by the two artists Jessica Gysel and Marnie Slater, who live and work in Brussels.

Please note: this is a closed event so registration is not possible.


Image: Self portrait (reflected in mirror, chequered jacket) 1928 © Claude Cahun 

Workshop by Jessica Gysel
Jessica is the publisher and one of the editors of Girls Like Us magazine, a feminist and queer arts publication, that started in 2005 She developed the magazine via ‘learning by doing’ and over the years became more and more interested and involved in feminist (artistic) practices. After that, helped by a grant from the Mondriaanfonds and Stimuleringsfonds, she researched different ways of collaborating, the notion of copyright and ownership, and moved away from the concept of art as commodity. 

In the workshop she, together with the students, will explore queer and feminist publishing practices in a collaborative way. By reading together, they will explore potential themes for the workshop, set the context and start sketching some initial content ideas. In order to get there, they will work as a big group, or in smaller parts, and will explore via sketching, drawing, walking, dressing up or down.

Jessica Gysel

Workshop by Marnie Slater
Marnie works as a visual artist that engages with multiple formats, including sculpture, collaboration, editing, performance and installations. Alongside her solo practice, she is part of All the Cunning Stunts, co-curator of Buenos Tiempos, Int. and a team member of Mothers & Daughters – A Lesbian* and Trans* Bar*, and is a tutor on the ADMA program at St Lucas School of Art, Antwerp.

In the workshop she, together with the students, will look closely at a collection of queer and feminist text and video material that will give a vocabulary for the ways in which a prismatic space of appearance via the body and language can be imagined. Finally, she will examine together the details of a court trail held in London in 1918, related to Clade Cahun, with the aim of developing a short, critical performance script.

Marnie Slater

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