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20 Jul 2020 - 24 Jul 2020

Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool “Class of twentytwenty”

  • Fourth edition of Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool @ Cobra Museum
  • Special guest artist: Raquel van Haver
  • Four and a half days of drawing with a festive opening


On July 20 the 4th edition of Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool will start at the Cobra Museum. This year’s theme will be Surrealism. Special guest will be the very talented and laureate artist Raquel van Haver.

“The Surrealists were obsessed with the subconscious.

They saw the subconscious as a pure, exciting and wonderfully dangerous and excitingly free inner universe that was easily accessible for children and the mad, but closed and unreachable for the rest of us.

Blocked and restrained as we are, by our inner bouncer named logic, taste, self critique and good morals.

The Surrealists tried everything!

Automatic writing, cadavre exquis, hypnosis, dreams, psychotherapy, absinth, collage, hash, frottage and opium.

ALL the muses were called upon to help unlock the door to the subconscious.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

So in hindsight, almost 100 years later (the Surrealist manifesto was published 1924), we can see that the Surrealists were at times proven right, and at times, wrong.

Yes, the Surrealists were right…

…the subconscious is an interesting goldmine and through new discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, chaos & relativity theories and vastly increased computing capacities in computers we now know that logic is only the top of the iceberg and the subconscious is the iceberg itself.

The Surrealists were also wrong…

No, the subconsicous in NOT always pure, untouched, rich and interesting.

The subconsious can also be boring, predictable and manipulative.

These days most people (maybe not conservatives or reactionaries, but the rest) realize that invention and renewal is important, and to be able to invent you NEED to get in touch with your intuition, the “dream you” and the subconscious.

DADA, The Surrealists and Cobra were ALL movements that fought hard to liberate minds and societies politically, mentally and spiritually by the use of art and culture.

This Summerschool we will learn how to open up to our own fantasty and imagination.

  • Jonas Ohlsson
Jonas Ohlsson

What are we going to do?

We will work with Surrealist techniques like cadavre exquis, working together as a group, music and trance.

For four and a half day we will be drawing individually and as a group. On the last day of the Summerschool, on Friday, we will expose our work.

Jonas will bring inspiring books on art and philosophy.

Every morning starts with a short 20-minute college. We will watch and discuss surprising short films on Youtube. We will dive deeper in the world of art. Together we will discover and talk about the many aspects of creativity and we will explore how to elaborate and expose your inner artist. Who knows, there might be something hidden deep inside yourself.. Something you would like to develop!

Everyday after lunch we’ll start making art through our subconscious.

On Thurday we will welcome our special quest Raquel van Haver, who will provide a wayward workshop.

On Friday we will make a selection of the drawings we have made.

We finish with a proper vernissage with good wine and DJ Ike spinning tunes and it’s a moment for you to invite friends and loved ones to come over and celebrate together with you what we have achieved during those 5 days. Everyone is welcome!

So please join…


A beautiful chance meeting (*), on a dissecting table (**), of a sewing machine (***) and an umbrella.

(*) = The workshop

(**) =CoBrA Museum in Amstelveen

(***) = Jonas Ohlsson

(****) = The Particpants

Practical information

Class of twentytwenty starts on Monday July 20 at 10AM. The program lasts 5 days, everyday from 10AM till 5PM (the festive opening on Friday will start at 4PM till 6.30PM). The workshop is in English and in Dutch. Total participation costs are €250,- (inlcuded are some materials, coffee/tea, entrance ticket for the exhibition and the festive vernissage).

There are only a few places available. To enroll Class of twentytwenty, you have to buy a ticket. Buy your online ticket here. Everyone older than 18 years may join our Class of twentytwenty, there is no special knowledge required! Participants will recieve a schedule and further clues a week prior to the workshop.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and email to stating “Summerschool”

If you bought a ticket but can’t participate due to circumstances, it is possible to get a refund. You can cancel your ticket and get a refund until the 13th of July. The refund administration fee will be €25,-. If you cancel your participation a week before the start of the Summerschool, the museum will give you a refund of 50% of the total fee.

Jonas Ohlsson, "We Are Writing A Science Novel /Font Rebellion" van 2015, 70 cm +100 cm, gouache, graphite pencil, conte, collage, oil crayon, pen and charcoal.

About the artists

Jonas Ohlsson (1967, Örebro, Sweden) is an artist, and maker of drawings, installations and objects. He is a composer of music, and writes and performs as Blodfet & DJ Lonely. His art is as versatile as his artistical practice. Next to music, provocation and humor other important themes in his work are sex, drugs, politics and street culture. Ohlsson’s background in electronic music penetrates his artistic process, where a big part is reserved for intuition and free association.

Jonas also teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, KABK, and Design Academy in Eindhoven. He also thaught in Boston, Berlin, Los Angeles, Aruba and Geneva.


Raquel van Haver (1989, Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist. She works and lives in Bijlmermeer. In 2012 she graduated at HKU, Fine Arts department in Utrecht. Van Haver makes, in her words, a so-called “loud art”. In her monumental paintings she combines the tradition of painting with contemporary themes such as the search for identity and issues around blackness, Carribean and Latin-American identity, religion, values and experiences.

In the beginning of 2019 Van Haver had her first big solo exhibition Spirits of Soul at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. At the end of that same year she won the Stimuleringsprijs Amsterdam.

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