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23 Oct 2019 - 20 Nov 2019

Enrique Polanco

In the context of the municipal friendship between Amstelveen and Villa El Salvador in Peru we show an overview of the Peruvian artist Enrique Polanco

Enrique Polanco

Enrique Polanco is an urban expressionist painter, where color and social and marginal subjects are protagonists of his work. They have a high anthropological content; migratory processes nourish the pictorial vision of the artist. His gaze is not alien to the political course of the history. All this baggage is seasoned with irony and a playful charm that becomes for the viewer a testimony of our times.

From his own interpretation, we find an artist who shows us a social reality that not only speaks of his own country and environment, but of the entire Latin American continent and even with an expansion towards a global and contemporary reality.

The poet Antonio Cisneros has defined the artist in this way: ‘Enrique Polanco is a painter who has made the city part of his work: the Lima of Polanco, more than in reality, should be sought in some corner of his soul’.



This exhibition has been made possible by the Council of Amstelveen and The Embassy of Peru in the Netherlands.

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