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23 Jul 2018 - 27 Jul 2018

CoBrA SummerSchool: Jonas Ohlsson’s Class of ’18

Not only artists possess fantasy and imaginative powers. We all do.

Take for instance dreaming, something we also all do at night.

Imagination is like a muscle, you can work this muscle.

If you don’t work this muscle it will become weak and useless.

During this Summer School we will work on our Muscle of Imagination for 5 days, so that we may become the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s of Imagination.

– Jonas Ohlsson

CoBrA SummerSchool will open her doors again, starting July 23rd until July 27th. Led by artist/DJ/art teacher Jonas Ohlsson participants will work on their own energy, intuition and creativity as students of Class of ’18.

The program contains among other things Art and Philosophy classes, a masterclass by artist Charlotte Schleiffert, an electro lecture/performance/concert by Ohlsson and Ohlsson will summon you to draw, draw, and draw. Together with Schleiffert and Ohlsson you will make a journey through your own creativity. Together we will discover and uncover the intuitive power of the image, and reach out for our own creative flow and instinct. We will discuss the work of Jean Dubuffet, Outsider Art, the Situationists International, to the CoBrA movement. Flow psychology will be discussed, as well as recent discoveries in neuroscience about play, intuition and storing knowledgde. There will be special attention for Surrealism and Johan Huizinga’s theories about homo ludens.

At the end of this buzzing week there will be a grand opening of the exhibition Class of ‘18, containing works made by participants. All works will be on view for a limited amount of time at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. Blodfet & DJ Lonely (accompanied by special guests) will take care of the music during the festive closure of SummerSchool on Friday. The best part of Class of ’18 is that it is not only for art students. Everyone may join (age 18+).

Charlotte Schleiffert, gemixte techniek op papier, 238 x 151 cm, 2011

Jonas Ohlsson is a true allround artist. He makes drawings, installations, composes music, writes and is the artist behind Blodfet & DJ Lonely. His art is as versatile as his artistic practice. Next to music, provocation and humor, important themes in his work include seks, drugs, politics, history and street culture. Ohlsson’s background in electronic music seeps through his artistic process, in which intuition and free association are considerable. Ohlsson is besides an artist also a teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, KABK and Design Academy in Eindhoven. He also gave guest lectures in Boston, Berlin, Los Angeles, Aruba and Geneva.

Source: Mister Motley

Jonas Ohlsson. Foto: Mister Motley

Charlotte Schleiffert makes life-sized drawings, paintings, installations and sculptures. Her fantasy is based on themes like power and suppression. Besides the fact that passionate woman are central in her work, she feels committed to the social and political movements of our global society in general. Her work is both raw and sensual, direct without hypocrisy. It is suggestive, balancing between abstract compositions and figurative forms. The broad combination of media treatment (oil, acrylic, egg tempera, pastel foil, tissue), the violent coloration and contrasting compilations underwrite Schleiffert’s authentic contribution to contemporary painting.

Source: charlotteschleiffert.com

Charlotte Schleiffert. Bron: charlotteschleiffert.com

The scary thing with art school is:

YES you do need to strip mentally naked and bare your innermost soul for ALL to see!

YES you will get critique.

YES you might find out that there are things that you thought were clear and definite for everyone

but… it is only clear and definite for YOU, and if you have the will to communicate with others (which is basically what art is all about) you will have to change your ways

So realize what a unique time this is, GRAB the art school experience with both hands and feet, tongue, brain and whatever else, otherwise you are just wasting your time, energy and money. USE us as teachers, use your fellow students. No one is here to hurt you, but we ARE here to give your ART shit (if needed) to make it bigger, better and stronger.

And the MOST important thing is your process:

HOW you make art.

HOW you talk about your art AND just as important, how you talk about OTHER people’s art.

HOW you share your process with the rest of us.

HOW you come to your results.

HOW you present your ideas and work.

HOW you make decisions.

IF your process is open, transparent and inviting, then you are on the RIGHT track.


Check last year’s SummerSchool Class of ’17


Iedereen is hard aan het tekenen opgezweept door de beats gedoceerd door Jonas Ohlsson. Met zo'n docent wil iedereen wel naar school!#jonasohlsson #cobra #summerschool

Geplaatst door Cobra Museum of Modern Art op dinsdag 8 augustus 2017




http://1000things.org/en/article/dear-student   Dear Student, door Jonas Ohlsson

Jonas Ohlsson, "We Are Writing A Science Novel /Font Rebellion" van 2015, 70 cm +100 cm, gouache, graphite pencil, conte, collage, oil crayon, pen and charcoal.


Class of ’18 will start on Monday July 23rd at 10 AM. The duration of the programme is 5 days in total, everyday from 10 AM till 5 PM (except for Friday July 27th, due to the festive opening of the exhibition Class of ’18 the museum will close at midnight). SummerSchool is in English and Dutch and costs €200,- per person (materials included). There are limited tickets available, so buy your ticket here. You can subscribe for Class of ’18 by buying a ticket. Participants will recieve the SummerSchool schedule and further information two weeks in advance. If you have any questions about the program, please email Nina, nina@cobra-museum.nl.

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