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10 Feb 2019

Cobra Museum outdoor tour during GlurenBijDeBuren

The Cobra Museum will take you on a guided tour. For a change not in our own museum but in our city: Amstelveen



GlurenBijDeBuren (Peeking at your neighbours) is a national festival on February 10 that will take place in more than 40 cities in the Netherlands. Many cultural institutions such as the Schouwburg Amstelveen, P60 and the Cobra Museum participate in Amstelveen.

The Cobra Museum will take you on a guided tour. For a change not in our own museum but in our city: Amstelveen. We visit the studios of three selected Amstelveen artists: Stephanie Rhode, Paul van Riel and Maze de Boer. Walk with us from 12:00, start on the Amsterdamseweg 24 (next to the Anna Church). We end in the Cobra Museum around 15:00 where the Amstelveen based Bora saxophone quartet will play in the café.

You do not need to register in advance. If the group will be to big for the studio’s, the group will be split

For the entire program look at:

Played Rack (2010) from Maze de Boer, to be seen at the Sandbergplein in Amstelveen

Stephanie Rhode: Installations in nature and public art

A recurring theme in Rhode’s work is the symbol of a house. During the last few years she has been working with the theme ‘House’. The explanation of the symbol ‘House’ is ambivalent and leaves room for multiple interpretations. Her focus lies not in the intellectual understanding of the symbol, but in a deeper acknowledgement of underlying realities and personal meanings. Rhode’s states: ” when one dreams about a house it may symbolize a return to the basic principles that they learnd as a child”. A second aspect in her work is repetition. Only after repetition man is able to realize and understand the simplicity of a certain event.

With these aspects a.o. she created two years ago a huge temporary installation at the Amstelveen Stadshartplein to celebrate the friendship to Amstelveen’s partner cities. Since last summer, Stephanie Rhode regularly rakes Shinkichi Tajiri’s zen garden in the heart of the Cobra Museum in her own patterns.

Paul van Riel, photographer

The Amsterdam photographer, moves into the world of jazz music at a young age and works for music and newspapers, record companies and musicians. At the start of his career, he travels through the USA and Central America for six months and works as an assistant photographer in New York City. From 1974 to the beginning of the 1990s, Van Riel is known as a fashion photographer. He photographs more than 1,000 ‘catwalk’ shows in Paris and Milan and creates for all glossy magazines in the Netherlands in his own studio but also at locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Since the nineties van Riel has concentrated on reports for travel, opinion and lifestyle magazines on five continents. Especially the Far East has his attention, with emphasis on Japan.

Books: Dutch Traces in Japan, Kimono, The Maagdenhuis occupation 69.

Nederland, Amstelveen, 27-11-2013. Studio PvR in gebouw Ateliers 2005, Van Weerden Poelmanlaan 4h. Foto(c) Paul van Riel / HH

Maze de Boer

Maze de Boer is a multi-disciplinair artist who works with Sculpture, installation, film/ video, photography and music.He starts from a staged view on reality and seeks the boundaries between theatre and visual art.In his work de Boer shows a fascination for illusion.The spectator becomes aware of ‘the boundaries’ of reality and always appears to be the object of his three-dimensional work.In his work he reacts on the historical background and the social context of the exhibition and/ or location.His installations are often referred as site-specific although site-responsive would perhaps be more accurate.

At this moment the sulpture ‘Played rack’ can be seen at the Sandbergplein in Amstelveen.

Played Rack (2010) from Maze de Boer, to be seen at the Sandbergplein in Amstelveen

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