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Van 15 maart tot en met 6 april is het Cobra museum gesloten. Meer informatie op

Vanaf 15 maart tot en met 31 maart is het Cobra Museum gesloten #corona #cobramuseum

25 May 2019 - 26 May 2019

Camping Cobra. Second edition 25 may 2019

The Cobra Museum is organizing for the second time Camping Cobra! This time in relation to the birthday of Amstelveen and the 24H Amstelveen festival. There are 100 sleeping places available. Adults may only join under the supervision of a child!

There are 100 sleeping places available

You can make a reservation here


24 Hours of Amstelveen!

Residents and visitors to Amstelveen can go on a voyage of discovery during the first edition of 24H Amstelveen. Thanks to more than 45 different activities, visitors can taste and experience what Amstelveen has to offer in terms of art and culture, music, food and drink and much more during this unique 24 hour event. The activities of 24H Amstelveen last from Saturday 25 May at 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sunday 26 May. The 24H Amstelveen starts with a morning excursion through the local Heempark and ends with Camping Cobra in the Cobra Museum.

On the Stadsplein, near the Day Foodbar and the fountain, is the beating festival heart of 24H Amstelveen. You will find all information about the events and locations here. It is the perfect starting point for a day full of discoveries. From here shuttle buses leave for people with reduced mobility and you can take a partial bike to get to the other 24H locations in the city.

Sleeping in a museum together with 100 other camping visitors?

Who would not want that?

It’s possible again on May 25!

The Cobra Museum remained open all night for children and their (grand) parents on November 10, 2018 for the first time. It was a huge success and we were sold out in no time. We slept in the exhibition An Unstoppable Force. Campers took their own mattress, sleeping bag and flashlight and searched for a place in the middle of the room or just under a favorite painting! In the evening there was film, live music, a flashlight quest, painting on one gigantic canvas and we started playing games such as Werewolves and Twister. And then they went to sleep, among the arts. Some did. The next morning there was a joint breakfast with music from the Music School Amstelveen.

That is why we are organizing Camping Cobra for a second time during 24H, the birthday of Amstelveen. Because it is Cobra’s birthday too,. The movement turned 70 this year. A real birthday sleeping party! This time again there are numerous activities. We make a party collage and party hats. There are old Dutch party games such as cookie bites, nail pooping (!) and donkey jab, but also Twister and Werewolves. Maarten and Jurgen sing campfire songs at a digital campfire. Take your flashlight with you for the nightly quest. Of course there are also films.

So bring your own mattresses, a sleeping bag, flashlight, teddy bear and of course your personal toiletpaper.

See below a cinematic impression of the first Camping Cobra

How do I make a reservation?

  • There are 100 sleeping places available
  • Parents are only allowed under the supervision of children
  • You can reserve a maximum of 5 places.
  • The entrance fee is specially for this 24H edition only € 10 p.p.!

You can make a reservation here

More information? call 020 5475038

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