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10 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018

Camping Cobra – A night at the museum!

Spending a night at a museum?

Together with 70 other campers?

Who would not want that?

In the night of 10 to 11 November, we did at Camping Cobra!



The Cobra Museum was open all night for children and their (grand)parents. We slept in the exhibition An Unstoppable Force. A number of tents to watch videos are part of this exhibition, so it already looked a little like a campsite. People brought their own mattress, and flashlight and sleeping bag and found a nice spot sometimes right underneath their favourite painting! The Children’s Mayor of Amstelveen opened the campsite at 8PM. In the evening there was film, live music (no campfire!), a flashlight quest, painting on a giant canvas and games where played such as Werewolves and Twister.

And then we  went to sleep (the most of us), between the artworks.

The next morning we had breakfast together, listening to music of the Muziekschool Amstelveen!


illustration by Emma Ruth Levie

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