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Niet alleen in Assen is Frida's werk te bewonderen in 2021, ook bij ons in Amstelveen. Een Frida-topjaar in Nederla……

De @amsterdampride week is van start gegaan. @SALTOamsterdam toont een prachtige video over de tentoonstelling Be……

16 Feb 2017

Café Le Faux Rire

Café Le Faux Rire is an irregular recurring artist evening in our Museum bar. The second edition, with the theme ‘Humor and Engagement’, is dedicated to The Aalto Natives and takes place on Friday 16 February.

Café Le Faux Rire #2

16 februari 2018 on Humor and Engagement


The second edition of Café Le Faux Rire in the café of the Cobra Museum will be about ‘Humor and Engagement’ relecting on the exhibition The Aalto Natives by Nathaniel Mellors and Erkka Nissinen. In this edition, the painting Le faux Rire by Asger Jorn is taken from the depot and showed to the audience. Curator Franka Blok let her light shine on this work. There is an interview with Karen Kurczynski and a spoken column by Canan Marasligil. The artist Mette Sterre gives a performance. There will be Poetry and of course our resident deejay Blodfet & DJ Lonely is represent.


The complete program:

> New work by Nathaniel Mellors and Erkka Nissinen
> Conservator Franka Blok shines her light on Le faux Rire by Asger Jorn 
> Poetry by Arnoud Rigter
> Julia Steenhuisen interviews Karen Kurczynski
> Spoken column by Canan Marasligil
> Performance by Mette Sterre
> Resident deejay Blodfet & DJ Lonely Jonas Ohlsson

Open from 19:30. Tickets €5.

This evening ahs been made possible by the Finnish Cultural Institute of the Benelux and Gulpener Beer.  Lucas Hirsch is in charge of the poetry
Mette Sterre

This first evening of Le Faux Rire was dedicated to the architect and artist Le Corbusier. Guest of honour was visual artist Jakob Kolding.

Historian Max Risselda showed a preview of a movie about Le Corbusier and discussed his architecture. Poet Peggy Verzett red her own poetry and poems by the CoBrA poets. There was a dialogue between professor Ruth Baumeister and curator Hilde de Bruijn, and Amsterdam’s city historian Errik Buursink red a critical column on Le Corbusier. Furthermore: we played the ‘Are you an irrational human?’ test.

Blodfet & DJ Lonely made a Café Le Faux Rire-mixtape, which you can listen through our Mixcloud page:

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