14 May 2017


Finissage / last weekend Enrico Baj

Danceworkshop by Jacopo Miliani and Sara Giannini. Channelling the visual movement of Baj’s work.

Bye Bye Baj is a 1-day workshop during the last day of the exhibition which celebrates the work of the free-spirited Italian artist Enrico Baj.

Participants to the workshop will engage in free choreographic interpretations of the imaginary unleashed by Enrico Baj’s artistic production. Channelling the visual movement of Baj’s works, the workshop wishes to re-enact the playfulness of Baj’s oeuvre through the body.

The workshop is free of charge and is open to adults of any age with an interest in movement, dance, gestures and pataphysics. There’s a maximum of participants that is allowed.

NOTE: The workshop is fully booked

This danceworkshop is organized by Sara Giannini & Jacopo Miliani and will be in English langauge.

Enrico Baj in front of Con tu quoque (fotograaf onbekend)

Sara Giannini & Jacopo Miliani

Milan-based artist Jacopo Miliani and Amsterdam-based curator Sara Giannini have been collaborating on several performance projects since 2012. Informed by their background in theatre and semiotics, their collaborative projects tackle the multi-layered relationship between language, movement and representation.

Enrico Baj: Play as Protest. Exhibition in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. Photo© Peter Tijhuis / Cobra Museum of Modern Art

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