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Visit the Cobra Museum by bike!

The Museum strongly believes that the experience of visiting a museum begins the moment you step a foot out of your home. We want to make this the most immersive experience possible, therefore, if you live in a neighborhood close from Amsterdam, we encourage you to bike here and live an adventure that involves, the city, nature, and culture. 

How Far?

Only 25 minutes away from Amsterdam’s Museumplein.


1. Immerse deeper into a cultural experience

2. Include new eco-friendly habits that do not harm the environment and are free of Co2

3. A bike ride is 100% corona-proof

4. Save traveling expenses

5. Explore the beauty of Amsterdam and Amstelveen


If you are heading from Amsterdam, our location is perfect to bike through a series of cultural milestones from Amsterdam city, sustainable shops, or beautiful green areas. We prepared three different maps you can easily scan to follow a route that appeals to you the most. All of our routes are tailor-made to give our visitors the best experience.

The Cobra Museum in Amstelveen is an art museum for modern and contemporary art. In addition to the collection consisting of works by the renowned Cobra art movement ( see here for more information ), there are continuous temporary exhibitions. This summer the surrealists from the Boijmans collection can be seen and we show eight female artists in and around Cobra. Artists from Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Okay, hop on your bike, go exploring!

Eugene Brands, de fijne fietstocht (The nice bicycle ride) 1966

The Green Route (35 min)

This is the shortest route, starting at Museumplein, Amsterdam. It has four stops that blend culture with nature.

If you wish to see tulip fields, giant Picasso sculptures, and stunning green areas, this is the route for you.

The Cultural Route (53 min)

This route leads through nature and architecture. You will have the chance to bike next to major architectural highlights from Amsterdam. This is a must for both Dutch and foreign visitors who wish to delve into Dutch modern culture.

Sustainable shopping route (57 min.):

We want to inspire our visitors to be as sustainable as possible, that is why we prepared a route that takes you to four unique shops that are all about sustainability!

We recommend that you start this route as early as possible if you want to arrive before the museum closes!

Are you coming on an e-bike? You can charge your bike at the museum!

If you drive electric you can recharge your bicycle at the museum!

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