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23 Apr 2017


On 23 April, the Cobra Museum will dedicate the entire day to Art and Anarchy! With: Almudena Rubio & Davide Cristiani, Beppe Costa, Rogier Small & David Birchall, Jan Bervoets and the Dutch premiere of documentary ‘Ni Dieu Ni Maître’ a.o.

In conjunction with the Enrico Baj: Play as Protest exhibition, a BAJeenkomst will be held on 23 April.

A gathering of artists and anarchists. Anarchistic tours will be given in the Enrico Baj exhibition, along with incendiary speeches and lectures. Poets will be reciting and musicians improvising here and there. Documentaries provide insight into Anarchism.

The question is: What does anarchism mean to art in general and Baj’s work in particular, and vice versa? How can art and anarchism support each other in the common pursuit of a society without hierarchies, without oppressing and exploiting people and animals and without depleting the environment?

We strive to get inspired on this day to find some answers.

'Marianne anarchiste' still from Ni Dieu Ni Maître by Tancrède Ramonet

Art lovers will listen to speeches by, amongst others, Peter Storm from RavotR. Anarchists will view art in a special anarchistic tour by art historian and anarchist Dick Gevers. The first part of the Ni Dieu Ni Maître by Tancrède Ramonet documentary trilogy will have its Dutch premiere in the screening room. Music will instantly make you feel the injustice. Singer Almudena Rubio will perform her famous anarcho-folk songs accompanied by Davide Cristiani. (for this location they especially will perform the ‘ballad of the dead of Pinelli’). Multi-instrumentalist and theatre maker Beppe Costa will bring along his guitar and loop station. Percussion/guitar duo Rogier Small and David Birchall will play at every opportunity and, when it’s quiet, Jan Bervoets will recite his surrealist poems.

Almudena Rubio and Davide Cristiani. Complete video can be seen at the bottom of this page

Anarchist kitchen Le Sabot will make sure that no one goes hungry by serving fairly produced food. Do you also have stickers, sir? Yes! Fort van Sjakoo will provide the corresponding books, folders and stickers!

The complete programm

11.00 uur   –    Opening by Hilde de Bruijn, senior Conservator at the Cobra Museum

11.35 uur   –    Lecture by Dick Gevers (in dutch)

12.10 uur   –    Music Almudena Rubio y Davide Cristiani

13.50 uur   –    Anarchistic tour by Dick Gevers

13.50 uur   –    Première Documentaire ‘Ni Dieu Ni Maître’ (No god no master)

14.45 uur   –    Music Beppe Costa

15.00 uur   –    Performance by Ioana Tudor “Take my hand, because life can’t be an endurance art performance”

15.15 uur   –    Anarchistic tour by Dick Gevers

15.15 uur   –    Documentaire ‘Ni Dieu Ni Maître’ (No god no master)

16.10 uur   –    Lecture by Peter Storm

The whole day on different spots throughout the museum

Poetry by Jan Bervoets

Music by Rogier Smal en David Birchall

Performances by Joke Kaviaar

Look for the free entrance voucher in Buiten de orde magazine!


The Bajeenkomst programme is co-produced with the wise insights of De Vrije Bond, an association of anarchists and anarchist groups in the Netherlands.

Rogier Small

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