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17 Jun 2017 - 16 Jul 2017

7th edition of the Amstelveen Triënnale

On the 17th of June 2017 the 7th edition of the Amstelveen Triennial opens its doors to the public. The Amstelveen Triennial shows the work of professional artists who live and/ or work in Amstelveen. This edition takes place at the Cobra Museum, Museum Jan van der Togt and Kunstuitleen Amstelveen.


Since 1998 the Amstelveen Triennial has been organized under the auspices of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. This triennial event aims to offer a professional platform to artists from Amstelveen and give the public an insight into current local artistic practices, as well as into the ways in which artists from Amstelveen respond to developments in today’s world.


There are 22 artists for this edition selected by the conservators of the three institutions involved. The artists are divided into three locations. The point of departure was the desire to map the richness and diversity of local artistic practice. The 2017 Amstelveen Triennial includes work by some Triennial veterans, as well as by several surprising newcomers. Together, the participants make use of a wide array of techniques: from painting to photography, ceramics, installation and film. Together they address an even larger area of interest in terms of subject matter. Some artists choose to conjure up an enigmatic and poetic world, while others are inspired by literature, by travelling, by experiences of dislocation or personal memories. Others pay attention to daily objects or situations which we tend to overlook, or reflect on larger themes, such as ‘time’ and ‘eternity’.

The public is cordially invited to take a walk past the three locations of the participating institutions: the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Museum Jan van der Togt and Kunstuitleen Amstelveen – all within walking distance of each other.

Special thanks goes to the Municipality of Amstelveen, who have made the Amstelveen Triennial possible, and of course to all the artists, without whom the Triennial would not exist.


Below you will find an overview of the Triennial artists that can be seen in the Cobra Museum.

Here you will find the artists who can be seen in the Jan van der Togt Museum.

Here you will find the artists in Kunstuitleen Amstelveen.

The 13 artists

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