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Cobra Global

Cobra Global: Travels the world with an eye-opening exhibition of an extraordinary art movement.

Prinses Beatrix en de Slowaakse minister van cultuur Marek Madaric openen de tentoonstelling European Stars

Cobra Global

Cobra Global is an unique global exhibition project from the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. It is a travelling art show with major works from different Cobra collections. Cobra Global offers an eye-opening exhibition of a extra-ordinary art movement, As you walk a timeline of key moments, Past paintings, sculptures, film and photography. A story is told, a narrative unfolds, to reveal a vital chapter in European art.

Cobra Global offers an comprehensive exhibition with its size flexible and adaptable. It tells the story of a post World War II revolutionary art movement as it unfolds in a timeline of key works and defining moments. We supply a producer, the script, handle the shipping of the art, design the exhibition, offer a marketing toolkit, and fulfill the project management during install and uninstall. A host of extra possibilities is available as a menu of choices, from graphic design services to education programs, exhibition catalogue, guided tour modules and mobile apps. In addition, the event opens up the possibility for an exchange with the extended network of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, to encourage, strengthen and celebrate cultural, diplomatic and economic relations.

You can find more information on the Cobra Global project on ‘Global’s’ own website www.cobraglobal.org 

Please meet up with the Cobra Global team who will assist and guide you in every detail to bring the wonderful exhibition of CoBrA, to your museum in order to inform and inspire your audiences. e.ottenhof@cobra-museum.nl

The Cobra Global tour:

Instanbul Turkey 2012 (pilot), Muscat Oman 2015, Sharjah VAE 2015, Abu Dhabi VAE 2016, Bratislava Slowakia 2016.

Follow-ups in South-America and Asia are being prepared.

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