Cobra Museum voor moderne kunst, Museum of modern art

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Your I amsterdam City Card gives free entrance

Take bus 142, 170 or 172 for the best connection between Amsterdam CS / Museumplein and Amstelveen Bus Station, which is located across the Cobra Museum.


Free Children's Studio every Sunday from 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Guided by professional artists, you can be inspired by the art in the museum and then make your own art. At the Cobra Museum, you can colour outside the lines and everything is the right thing to do. Each Sunday, the supervisors introduce materials you practice using - sometimes it is paint, sometimes pencils, and sometimes it is three-dimensional.

For parents: While your children are busy, enjoy a visit to the exhibitions.


It is our pleasure to organize fun workshops for birthdays. You can decide in advance if you would like to paint something or create sculptures. Of course, you will work spontaneously, experimenting in the spirit of Cobra. A few of the real Cobra works are looked at and discussed, and then everybody gets to make their own art.

The workshops are run by enthusiastic professionals. Accompanying adults are free to do something else during the workshops, but we appreciate being able to reach them. It is, of course, an ideal opportunity to visit the exhibitions or enjoy the museum café.

Participation and cost
Birthday workshops are for children aged 7 to 12, with a maximum of 10 participants. The total cost is €160, including museum entrance and materials. It is also possible to reserve cakes, pancakes and/or soft drinks at the museum café in advance.
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17 January-19 April 2015

This exhibition tells the story of the renowned Amsterdam gallery, Collection d’art, which from 1969 to 2004 was home to a broad range of art lovers. With Collection d’art, founder Cora de Vries made people who were known or unknown, friends or passersby, students and critics all part of contemporary developments in art, from realism to inspired geometry and post-war Expressionism, from Co Westerik to Markus Lupertz, from Armando to Karel Appel. As a result, a loyal group of regular visitors and buyers, including several museum directors, quickly formed around Collection d’art. The gallery was a place where fellow art lovers came together in their shared interest and love for contemporary art.

Together with Miente Boellaard-Stheeman, the Cobra Museum presents an exhibition of selected works from the personal collection of Cora and Hans de Vries, with works by Constant, de Kooning, JCJ van der Heijden, Baselitz, Schoonhoven, Armando, Appel, Bogart and many more.
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8 February - 1 June 2015

This completely new presentation of works from the collection of the Cobra Museum also offers space for contemporary art that shows a clear reference to the themes of the CoBrA movement. Based on old folk tales, the 2012 film, Golden Goose, by Margot Onnes (b. 1983), reflects on the theme of fables and folk tales, which was such an important source for the CoBrA artists. Few figures reach back so far and so consistently as that of the golden goose. In the film, characters from the old folk tales meander through an abandoned, fairy tale decor. They are all completely obsessed by finding the object of their desires: the golden goose.
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